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    Workplace Health and Safety History - From National Safety Training!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    The Department of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Administration design federally mandated safety regulations. However, this was not always the case. This video explores how safety regulations have changed over time.

    The video begins by describing the social atmosphere of the early 1900’s. It explores the experience of the immigrant working-class in the largely unregulated American labor industry. The video also investigates various unsafe working conditions that existed in the workplace before regulations were put in place.

    The 1920’s might be history, but safety regulations are now more relevant than ever. Contact National Safety Training today to ensure that your OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour card is accepted everywhere. We are available 9am-5pm(EST), Monday-Friday at 513-924-4857.

    Happy Thanksgiving From Your Friends at National Safety Training!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Enjoy Our Recent OSHA Training Blog Topics? Check Out These Additional Resources For More Information

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Our recent blog topics have focused on the importance and benefits of OSHA training, when training is mandatory, and the OSHA 10-hour courses in the state of New York. To learn more about these topics, check out these fantastic additional resources from around the Web! For more information, contact National Safety Training at (513) 924-4857.

    •, a resource for human resources managers, discusses why OSHA compliance is important.
    • OSHA’s official website lists the regulations for general industry and construction industry compliance.
    • The Times Daily shares the story of high school students receiving OSHA safety training and the advantages of training.
    • talks about the benefits of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
    • checks in with a look at the benefits of safety training programs.
    • The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration looks at the current OSHA mandatory training requirements.
    •, a professional employer organization, shares the mandatory OSHA training courses for a number of fields.
    • According to Reuters, the OSHA 10-hour construction safety course is now mandatory in seven states, including New York. Find out why!
    • The New York Department of Labor discusses some key issues in the OSHA 10-hour safety training courses.

    National Safety Training: When and Why is OSHA Training Mandatory?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for regulating workplace safety in the United States, but having safety regulations on the books doesn’t do any good if workers aren’t trained to comply with them. Some OSHA training courses are now mandatory in several states; when and why is OSHA training mandatory?

    Why is OSHA Training Mandatory?

    Ultimately, OSHA training is mandatory for one reason: to promote and ensure workplace safety. While each state’s laws requiring safety training are different, when OSHA training is mandatory, it is mandatory because worker safety is a concern. Making safety training mandatory promotes a safe workplace and ensures that workers are able to execute their jobs safely.

    When is OSHA Training Mandatory

    OSHA safety training is mandatory on a state-by-state basis. Recently, seven states—Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Nevada and Missouri—made OSHA 10-hour construction safety training mandatory. Check with your state’s Department of Labor for information about mandatory OSHA training.

    What Mandatory Training Means for Workers & Employers

    When OSHA was established, it guaranteed Americans a safe and healthy working environment. Reducing workplace accidents and injuries is beneficial to both workers and employers; a safe working environment reduces the risk to workers, and reduced injury risk saves employers money by reducing Worker’s Compensation claims and reducing injury-related downtime.

    Even though OSHA training is not  mandatory in every state, it is still a good idea in to have it even in states that don’t require it . For more information about OSHA training courses in your state, contact us today at (513) 924-4857. Our company has been conducting OSHA training since 1991, introducing online classes in 1996. We offer OSHA 10- and OSHA 30-hour outreach training courses for construction and general industry, so contact us today to find out how we can help you comply with OSHA regulations.

    How are National Safety Training's OSHA 10 General Industry and OSHA 10 Construction Industry Training Courses Different?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Responsible for regulating workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a complicated job. Because every workplace is different, risks to workers are different and regulations need to take this into account. One area that exemplifies this is the differences between the OSHA 10-hour safety training courses for general industry and for the construction industry. So how are these courses different?

    • OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Course | The OSHA 10-hour Construction Industry course consists of 10 quizzes across 10 lessons with a final exam. OSHA students will learn about OSHA regulations regarding materials handling, tools, scaffolding and stairways, excavation, electrical systems, cranes, fall protection, and more. OSHA training certification may be mandatory, either by your state government or by your local construction companies.
    • OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Course | OSHA 10-hour safety training for general industry involves 11 lessons and 11 quizzes with a final exam. It is designed to cover workplace safety topics for the manufacturing industries, such as a factory, plant, oil refinery or healthcare facility. From exit routes and emergency action plans to protective equipment and hazard communication techniques, OSHA training for general industry is extremely important for worker safety.

    While the OSHA 10-hour general industry safety course consists of an extra lesson and extra quiz, both the construction and general industry courses are outstanding ideas whether they are mandatory in your state or not. For more information about OSHA training courses, contact us today at (513) 924-4857. Our company has been conducting safety awareness training courses for 20 years and has been providing online courses since 1996. We are committed to safe workplaces in America; give us a call to speak with any of our U.S.-based customer service representatives.

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